Electroneum Market Capitalization Hits $40.50 Million (ETN)


Yeah - there is a good chance crypto projects like ETN could decouple from the BTC price movement (which went down strongly several hours back). When will that happen? I suggest that when the numbers of users is in the tens of millions. That could be before the end of 2019 based on comments by the Electroneum CEO. But we must wait and see.

I suggest that if BTC drops at that time then ETN would rise to offset the gain, and rise also based on the fundamentals of the coin itself. Or it will completely decouple and become its own ecosystem money supply. Not sure how many coins do that now. I know Metaverse ETP (rank 43) holds up pretty well as it is an advanced major chinese blockchain with its own use cases on the top of it. :clock10:


Given the fact that on all exchanges we have the BTC/ETN(or other token) pair, it won’t decouple from the BTC price movement.


It’s a bright future for ETN @cuddlesquid :blush:


We would need a huge fiat/ETN exchange with literally millions of users for it to decouple from btc. Wont happen anytime soon.


Thats not what I said.

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Probably I misinterpreted your words.


Oh poo I didn’t really mean to post this article :joy: