Electroneum Major Upgrade Makes ETN the World's Most Secure Decentralised and Eco-friendly Crypto, and Reduces Block Rewards by 75%

From Financial Post article above:

“IBM’s Hyperledger, which runs on a permissioned blockchain as well, has received tremendous support from global titans, including Walmart, Amazon, JPMorgan, Cargill and many others.”

My question is - Since IBM has “permission blockchain” like ETN, and Walmart, Amazon, etc. have supported IBM’s blockchain, wouldn’t all the big corporations go with IBM instead of a company they never heard of (ETN)?

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I posted this under “newspaper articles”. I went back to see if anyone answered and couldn’t find it. So where has it been moved to?

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This community forum format is so hard to figure out. An ETN news article that I posted and asked a question about was moved to NON ETN Discussion. Are you kidding? I guess maybe the questions they don’t want answered are hidden so no one finds them.

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So, I’ll answer my own question regarding the “permissioned blockchain” that both ETN and IBM have. It looks like IBM is the one who will get the “MONSTER DEALS” such as Walmart, Amazon, JPMorgan, Cargill, etc. and ETN will continue with “the unbanked”.

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Whats the question ??


Plankton, see the first post above.

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Etn have deals , the problem is no one knows who the deals are with.
We are going in a completely different direction and IBM are huge so they would draw more attention.

But here’s the best part

We are regulated we have kyc we are the first to do this.

I wouldn’t worry one bit about IBM , richard said we talking to governments… india hmmm. Thats huge i mean huge…

Things will get good fast. :+1::sunglasses:

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I sure hope so, Plankton. Even with all the good news, no one is rushing to buy in anticipation of the price going up. It’s still at 1/2 a cent.

So what would be the difference if they’re talking to governments? I know crypto is (so far) not allowed in India. So if the government decides to allow it, who will use it? More unbanked people?

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going for the unbanked is a genius idea.

Mass adoption happens quicker because they don’t have money like us so it spreads like a virus… more and more sign up …

Its free … …

These are our next targets according to this image ( our guess )

SA population - 58,075,794
Usa … 329,129,348
s.korea …51,342,288
india … 1,368,978,811


2,001,242,471 if we can get 10% of these countries population that is 200,124,247…

All mining and using electroneum…

If we can get 10% of these

Thats 200 million

Etn gets scarce
Price increases…

Because india doesnt like crypto therefore if we are the first let in because we are regulated that is huuuugggeee for us… look at the numbers above.

Dont worry about buyers its miners people onboard we need.

We have gig fair coming soon even better
20 countries
Deals will come with that too
Honest just hodl strong
Ive been hodling since ico

Hope this helps



Okay, thank you Plankton.
I hope you’re right and I’ll continue to pray about it.
So far, losing my shirt on this.
Let’s hope things get better for all of us.

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It will…

Think about it.

Miners cant dump , the update sorted that.

We can now onboard millions . Bigger better faster

Small steps make giant leaps.

Its difficult hodling crypto believe me we have all been through the stages of panic stress elation laughing worry its a rollercoaster ride.

Sit back join in the community or telegram by the end of year we should be a lot better off.




If your ever worried or have a question , there are good people on here that will answer it if they can…



You’re very encouraging, Plankton.
Thank you again.
I like the pictures, especially “Keep Calm and HODL”. :joy:


No problems my friend.

Im not a fanboy , im a believer . Because it has massive potential.

I do try to make uplifting images , glad they help.
If you want to use any images i make help yourself.



I thought bout answering you with some long winded explanation as to why they are different and why they aren’t a threat in any area except for maybe one, and even then it’s not a threat to ETN’s model, more like a threat to other existing legacy models and XRP. But I don’t want to be giving IBM any ideas from keyword search results so I decided no reason to bother.

XRP needs to worry more about IBM than ETN ever would need to IMO.

You should maybe have a read on the IBM site about Hyperledger and their services before stressing yourself out about competition.


Well, thank you very much for this information, Dngruss.
I will read about the IBM Hyperledger tonight. :grinning:


Just remember, ETN is providing a digital payments solution for those who previously had little to no access to transact locally or globally in digital commerce…also for vendors, retailers, small shops to accept digital payments with instant payment notification and now faster settling on the blockchain.

Keep in mind that ETN also gives out free samples that can actually be spent on mobile services and soon much more.

Now that NGOs and non profits have a vested interest in the ETN ecosystem, they will at some point realize the power and simplicity of promoting ETN in the community as a means of transacting and could move away from even bothering to convert most of their block rewards into fiat and instead use ETN directly with the people they help.

Then of course ETN is building a platform where their target market can learn digital skills that the NGO miners help pay for, then that user can turn around and earn money offering those newly acquired digital skills on the gig economy freelancer site.

Also consider the fact that once all the infrastructure and ecosystems are in place, anyone with a mobile phone suddenly becomes their own remittance agent able to send almost anywhere to almost anyone in the world.

Sometimes both the sender and receiver will accomplish the entire transaction between just the two of them, sometimes it will require an agent on one of the ends or on both ends, depending on the situation. But all still possible at low cost.

Then, you must also consider the corporate partner rewards structure ETN has built into it’s business model.

Where the mobile operators or other corporate partners can earn up to $1 per month per person they refer to ETN as users.

Profits out of thin air, other benefits besides the new revenue out of thin air are customer loyalty/retention, an edge over the other mobile operator competition since ETN gives those new users up to $3 per month to spend and better profit margins per customer, since a lot of the middle man costs are reduced during the entire transaction process compared to the usual cumbersome methods they deal with.

That’s just a few points off the top of my head, there are plenty more, but you get the idea.


Thanks, Dngruss. :grinning:

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The price will go mad but slowly as thats growth.