Electroneum M1 version 2.0 with more Power! Check out Guys!

In the first version of Electroneum M1, there is something missing as per my opinion.
In the price segment of 80$ if you search Asia specific market, then you can find more specs with the same price, within 80$.

So, my concern is that what you can deliver to the Asian market where big Chinese phone brand giants like Xiaomi, Meizu, Infocus are ruling the market. As of now Meizu M6, Meizu C9, Xiaomi Redmi 4A, Xiaomi Redmi 5A, Xiaomi Redmi 6A, Xolo Era X, Micromax Canvas XP 4G, Micromax Canvas Juice 4G, Infinix Smart 2, InFocus A2, etc phones are competing.

Now, Electroneum not only a cryptocurrency or an Instant payment system or gig economy. They are competing with Chinese big giants who are already trying to make their strong position in the smartphone market. So, Electroneum has to deliver to their customer not only instant payment system but also good capable hardware to compete with the market trend.

What is the difference between Electroneum M1 and Chines brands (Smartphones) and what needs to be improved:

Almost every brand with this price tag has a 2GB or 3GB RAM where ETN M1 has 1GB.

  1. ETN M1 has a 1600mah Battery where others have 2000mah to 3050mah.

  2. ETN has a 4.5’’ Display where others have 5’’ to 5.5’’ Display

  3. ETN has an 8GB ROM(expandable 32GB) where most of them have 16GB( Expandable 64GB to 128GB) and few phones have 8GB

  4. ETN has a camera of 5MP back and 2MP front where most of them have 8MP / 5MP or 13MP / 5MP

So, Electroneum team have to focus on this targeted audience also, to capture the market and give a healthy competition.

One thing that ETN M1 has that others haven’t and that is - “The Phone that Pays You Back.” (tagline)

Just like Nokia - “Connecting People.”
Apple - “Think Different

Looking for Electroneum team and their marketing strategies and also Electronuem M1 version 2.0 mate. Just be the best mate.

Team Electroneum Rocks!!! We support you.

80 dollars is the recommended retail price. Doesn’t mean they must sell it for this price.


I would love to have more powerful version of M1.

But as you describe they are competing for people that already have powerful phones. So why don’t just download ETN app and you have your M1. I think people with better phones are likely more opened to crypto.


I don’t think this phone is mainly for people to actually go mad over and buy but from what the team have said more kudos then anything to give more weight and trust to the Electroneum brand in general. Like ow these guys sell phones to they must be a big company, ideally for them to be really popular would be even better. This is there first run maybe they will release another version but you make some good points here thanks for sharing.


Well thought out question and statistics. The good news is they have stated they could sell the M1 for as low as $60 which would be dictated by regional price points. The M1’s specs will still be the same, but a $20 savings (a 25% price decrease) in those regions could be enough to overlook the slightly better specs from the Chinese brands…but who knows. In regions of the unbanked, price typically dictates everything. Spec consideration is secondary for those that can afford it.


That’s like saying, “why isn’t a smart car a Ferrari”?

Or “why didn’t Nintendo focus on graphics power and internet connectivity”?

Because that’s not the market they’re targeting. The M1 is a marketing play. As in advertisement. Don’t forget etn is primarily a blockchain company, not a phone company. The coin benefits from viral growth but more importantly from use cases, so what they are advertising is the coin. The coin is the bottom line, everything else is to encourage use.


I totally agree :+1:

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Hi there, I looked up some of these other phones mentioned in the post and they appear to be more than $100-125.

To be honest, I’m more for the cheaper price so everyone can afford a smart phone. You can still even play games or watch movies on M1, for $80 or less.

Sometimes, $5 will make a difference, and you cant afford it, have to think of others who cant afford a smart phone. Best cheapest possible smart phone.

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I found these articles with graphs @cuddlesquid I thought they were pretty interesting

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Thank you for posting it up.
The Phone that Pays You Back .”, that is the catch. The giant was one’s time small.

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I cant seem to find these phones selling at USD $80 or below.

Let me help you with the links to find out the phones.

Meizu C9: https://bit.ly/2UpzhkA (FLIPKART india)

Xiaomi Redmi 6A : https://amzn.to/2uDce7m (Amazon India)

Redmi Go : https://bit.ly/2I190Tb (Flipkart india)

Hope you find the smartphones with similar price tag.

Also try Convert INR to USD

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