Electroneum M1 Vendors / Purchase / Suggestion / Adoption

Dear All,

I have 2 questions regarding the Electroneum M1 mobile phone.

[1] Firstly, can anyone buy one (developed as well as non-developed countries) and if yes, from where - it’s not evident on the website where to purchase?

I have 2 school-age children (one who will be going to secondary school this year), for whom we as a family are keen to be able to remain in contact with as they become more autonomous.

This I believe would also be an excellent way to introduce them to digital currency and enable them to accumulate it (ETN) and share the Electroneum concept amongst their peers - imagine an army of children/teenagers with Electroneum branded phones (mass adoption accelerated).

[2] Secondly, my consideration/suggestion/question…

How does one become a vendor?

My consideration is that Electroenum Ltd could enable/allow any community member to become a vendor for the M1 mobile phone.

And what better way to motivate people than to offer some incentive like a per-sale bonus. Maybe a 5% or 10% bonus equivalent of the RRP paid directly to the ETN wallet for each successful sale. From a development perspective, a simple replicated store would suffice with each participating community member having a unique URL?

At the point of distribution to the new owner, the affiliates QR Code could be distributed with the phone for the new owner to enter directly into their pre-loaded Electroneum application.

I consider this could be another mechanism to introduce the masses to the Electroneum world/ecosystem.

Just my thoughts, which hopefully are not tedious for the team (probably something already considered).



You could buy them on Amazon UK I seen for a short time.

Look in the how do i section for more info regarding integration.

Sorry @MUENORTCELE but this doesn’t appear to be a reply to my original question/suggestion.

I wasn’t searching for info on installing the API or any software integration (at least not at this time).

Have you any advice on the points I raised in my initial post?