Electroneum M1 mobile phone review

Hello everyone , first of all thank you for looking at this non biased review , i hope you find it informative .

I have used this phone on and off for a month so here we go.

Description ( from amazon )

The Electroneum M1 smartphone is an affordable Android phone designed for people in developing regions. With the features they REALLY need. The M1 features Cloud Mining out of the box, making it the only phone that pays you back! The process that we call Cloud Mining is the activity of rewarding users with free ETN every month. Users are able to mine up to $3 USD worth of ETN each and every month, which can be stored or spent with any retailer that accepts ETN. Cloud mining does not reduce battery life or use phone CPU power. It also uses just a few bytes of data every week. You don’t even need to keep your phone connected to the internet, or switched on! Please note that this device comes with a USB charging cable which will work from a standard USB adaptor. The free USB power adaptor included is a two pin type. Please check for compatibility with your power sockets before purchase.

Features & details

  • :iphone: 4.5" LCD Touchscreen (480 x 854 Pixels)
  • :camera: 5MP Rear and 2MP Front Cameras
  • :signal_strength: 4G/3G Connectivity, Dual SIM, Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi (802.11b/g/n)
  • :rocket: 1.3 Ghz Quad Core Processor, 8GB Storage, Expandable SD Storage (Up to 32GB)
  • :cloud: Android 8.1 Go Edition

|Product Dimensions|14.4 x 6.6 x 0.8 cm|
|Item model number|M1|
|Special features|💎 4.5" LCD Touchscreen (480 x 854 Pixels)
, :gem: 4G Dual Sim (LTE 1800/1900/2100/2400 + GSM 850/900/1800/1900)
, :gem: 5MP Rear and 2MP Front Cameras
, :gem: 1.3 Ghz Quad Core Processo r
, :gem: 1GB Ram
, :gem: Wifi (802.11b/g/n)
, :gem: Bluetooth 4.0
, :gem: SD Card Storage (up to 32GB)
, :gem: 1600mAh Battery|
|Whats in the box|Battery, USB Cable, European USB Plug, Manual|

… thats amazon …

My review

The m1 is a small compact little beast of a phone , it fits nicely in the pocket and is very comfortable to hold and to use.

When you open the box you are presented with this . All items are wrapped in plastic packaging.

2 pin adapter - but if you use either a shaving adapter wall plug you can put in in u.k socket or just charging via usb is fine.
Etn branded battery ( a nice touch ) which was 90% charged !!!.
Usb lead
Instruction manual
And of course the m1

The manual

It is basic but that’s all you need , with most modern mobile devices you do not get a manual it is built in using up valuable internal space so this is a plus.

The back of the m1 is easily removed to insert sim/s or micro sd card .

It snaps back on just as easy as it was removed .The M1 comes with a screen protector on it ( i removed mine before i done this review ) its a simple tab you pull and it leaves a nice protective cover over the lcd screen.

The feel of the phone is lightweight but sturdy it does not feel cheap even though it has an internal plastic shell. Rather than an partial metal of full metal like high end devices.

When you boot up the m1 you are greeted with the electroneum logo splash screen .

Then you have to do the google account set up or simply log in if you have an account with them . When that is completed you are taken to the main screen.

I advise you to check for app updates via the google play store especially the electroneum app as we have just had a new update from the team ( as of this reviews date ).
Also I’ve checked for the o.s update and so far none required.

The main screen.

Side note…

I download nova launcher for use on all of my mobile devices so i tried it on the M1 and it impressed me even more. ( i dont like animations i prefer speed and more ram to the apps. )
But without this app the M1 performs fast and smooth.

I was pleasantly surprised with the app content considering this is on android go 8.1

It has these apps built in

Play store
Go assistant- works very well
Files - to explore the files
FM RADIO !!! my s10+ doesn’t have this !!!
Google go
Google maps
Music player
Sim tool kit
Youtube go

All of these apps work perfectly fine …

Now the FM radio a feature i have missed on the samsung mobiles works amazingly well. Ive taken this phone to kielder forest where reception can sometimes be poor and it worked perfectly. Please remember to use this feature you do need wired headphones as they act as the antenna.

The music player all you do is download your mp3’s onto the internal storage and off you go.
Sound quality is great considering no equalizer installed.

I have the galaxy buds so i checked the google play store and the app wasn’t available. So I decided to try to connect just via bluetooth (no app ) and to my amazement it worked !!! So yes you can connect wireless headsets via bluetooth…
Also no loss when watching videos ie. The sound matches the mouth movements.
Sending to and from devices is a bit slower than bluetooth 5 but quite fast around 12 seconds for an average 1.64mb file

The gps positioning is as good as my s10 plus . I have done driving routes using the M1 and it was spot on.

The electroneum app works like it does with all other phones …

Phone calls…

The quality of sound from the calls and loudspeaker are good . No crackles hisses etc
Nice and loud .
Rigtones are loud , vibrations are good

Built in flash light which is nice and bright.

Do not disturb function works the same as other phones.


Roblox works well no lagging and was easily controlled on the small lcd display.

Netflix , youtube , prime , kodi and spotify all work very very well. Nice and crisp and clear all good quality videos.

The M1 is not ip rated (ingress protection rated)
But i was caught in rain and it weathered well. Water did not get into the device. But be aware if it is submerged it will most likely break. I will not test this :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Dual sim. 4g

It’s got a great feature for dual sim and options for using data on what sim you choose , and it has the same with texts and calls … which is very handy.

Reception is as good as any other phone i have owned.


8 gig storage . But actual is around 5 gb as o.s and apps take up 3gb , but that is more than enough as you can add an micro sd card up to 32 gig. I have an 8 gig in and it work as it should.

Processor … 1.3 quad core is fast smooth and impressive.

Camera…(taken with the m1 all others s10+)

:camera: 5MP Rear and 2MP Front

Rear camera

Low light image not bad flash was good .

Normal light

Video recording is of good quality.

Front selfie camera.

Not bad at all .

Battery life.

From the 1600mAh battery i found it very impressive it can easily last a few days with maximum usage. In standy it barely uses anything.


The lcd screen is nice and responsive to touch , swipes etc ( has a maximum of 2 touches for pinch and zoom function which works well )

It does not have automatic brightness it is manual adjustment.
Works well in bright conditions.

Ive left this until last as it is my only I repeat my ONLY gripe.

Sometimes in low light conditions it can be difficult to see what is on the screen depending on which way you are holding the device.
But this was a common thing with the lcd on older phones. Not an issue at all as there is a workaround simply turn it upside down if it annoys you that much.

It also acts a a privacy screen.

For those used to high end oled screens you would notice this but it really did not bother me at all.

So my overall view on the electroneum M1.

The team really pulled this one out of the bag , we were not expecting this !!! So well done for keeping it so quiet @Rach @MSystem @ETNCEO @chris.gorman @Jeff_Knight

I am really impressed by this device. It does what its designed to do and more

But what gets me is the fact It doesn’t feel cheap , looks fantastic i love the blue back with a white electroneum logo on the rear it is a vibrant colour and stands out from the competition.

Would i recommend it .

We all know i am a big fan of Electroneum :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk: and its future. But i have been honest in this review and i will be honest now.

Yes i would recommend this phone. It is fantastic starter or main phone for anyone . The price i believe is to be spot on , It is definitely worth the price of £59.99.

Yes you could go on an auction site and purchase a second hand phone . But as i have personally found out in the past the advertisement sometimes does not match the item recieved.

With the M1 you get a years peace of mind with a one year warranty.

I have seen a couple of reviews on amazon and well im sorry but people really need to do their own research on Etn before commenting.

This phone has never crashed , was packed well and built to a high standard. It is NOT a high end device it is and does what it was designed to do and very well at that.

I think i have covered everything needed. Any questions please do ask as I will try to find out .
If you have anything to add please do comment .

Many thanks.



Just noticed on a certain auction site…

You can get a case for it too…


Link to buy it on amazon

Free u.k delivery

Fantastic write up. I really think people who get the phone will love it.


Thank you to @The-Magic-Man for his input on the M1 .
Greatly appreciated :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:


Thank you @MUENORTCELE .

It is genuinely a great little phone. It will do well



Great review @Plankton very descriptive. I can’t wait to get one!


Thankyou @Cosmicrypto



Thanks for taking the time to write this up @plankton! Appreciate your insight into the M1.

BTW, your cat is a skilled selfie photographer. :grinning:


Hahahha he is !!!

A poser too…

Besides i wasn’t going to put my ugly mug on , didnt want to break it …

Thanks for the comment :grin:


Great Work!

Thank you for taking the time to write this up, it is a really good review, perhaps you could consider posting it on Reddit @xterest. I do not remember anyone posting one other than a video presentation format.



Absolutely fantastic well written in depth review of the M1 @Plankton. Very very informative and I think it’ll help a lot of people make the decision to purchase one honestly. You were very thorough which is really important and dove into pretty much anything & everything a new customer would think to ask about.


Wow! What a beauty of a review @Plankton!! You’ve really put your heart into this, a review of such degree is hard to come by these days.

Have you considered uploading your review here of the M1 on Amazon as well? It is so thorough and so good - it deserves the exposure. If you already have Bravo! Keep up the great work, it’s a pleasure having your awesome contributions and great content.



Thankyou @MSystem for the kind words , i dont have reddit but if you would like to share it please do.


@J5Alive thankyou !!!

Appreciate your words…



You’re most welcome my friend, you did an outstanding job on that review and it deserves the recognition it’s getting!


Hi @Jeff_Knight

i already had a review on but i have edited the old one and added this review instead.

Again thanks for the kind words…



Absolutely fantastic. Thanks.


No problems



This is a great review and you have done a weary good job


Thankyou @B.F.A :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:


Amazing review by a @Plankton :+1:


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