Electroneum Launches Utilities Top-Ups In Africa


I hope you are all staying well.

I’m excited to say, in an unprecedented move within the crypto industry, as well as an important first step in our Phase Two launch, we have today become the world’s first cryptocurrency to enable electricity top-ups in four African countries – Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria and Mali.

Much in the same way mobile top-ups currently work, users from these four countries can now top up their prepaid electricity meter from within the Electroneum app using ETN. Family members working abroad can also use this feature to top up their family’s electricity meter remotely, from anywhere in the world.

With mobile top-ups becoming ever more prevalent with over 188,000 to-date, the enablement of electricity top-ups makes earning ETN on AnyTask.com even more appealing. Not to mention the recent launch of ETNeverywhere.com, which gives the details of nearly 2000 outlets currently accepting ETN.

Over the coming months, you’ll see more countries covered, as we negotiate to bring on utility top-up in South America, South East Asia and the Middle East. We are also working on many more direct collaborations to enable ETN to be spent around the globe in lots of exciting new markets.

Today’s announcement provides yet another example demonstrating that Electroneum has more real-world adoption than virtually every other cryptocurrency project out there. Please join us in celebrating this magnificent launch and take pride in what we, the Electroneum community, are achieving.

We invite you to watch our announcement video here and read the full press release here.

All the best,

Richard Ells
CEO, Electroneum


Thanks Stef. Great news.

Each new place to spend your ETN is another stepping stone towards adoption.

With ~2000 outlets accepting ETN, it really is testament to all the hard work the team have put in this last few years and all the potential this coin brings to an untapped market. Still a long way to go, but anyone paying attention can see how momentum is picking up in its growth. Very exciting. :blush:

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