Electroneum kyc issues


Hello Electroneum community, The Idea of KYC is perfect and would make us stronger and better together but the KYC has not be so easy, even when we all want to Verify our Identities. My first point is, We all know Electroneum was made for the unbanked at least for a start. This should make the KYC easy for members from lesser or developing countries like Nigeria, India, Africa, ETC. Nigeria is the country with the most Active cryptocurrency investors in Africa.

Imagine, there are lots of people around these regions who hasn’t got an international passport as a means of verification, but Yoti has no other option for them. In places like Nigeria, Getting an international passport is a big deal, cost a lot and most times, takes time to get.

As for the Address verification also, i believe the best way for people in these region to verify their address with YOTI is with Utility bills or Bank statement, but YOTI hasn’t got these options as well.

There’s a lot of work to be done with this electroneum KYC guys. A lot of persons from these Region holds some really high amount of Electroneum coins and if their account should get locked without options to Verify, it would cause Panic and that is not good for the Electroneum community.

I know Richard is working very hard on this but please we need these things sorted out ASAP. YOTI is promising to bring up an update this October to tackle some of these issues, but i think some Electroneum accounts would be locked by then, so please Electroneum team, this KYC is very important step to move forward so let’s get this sorted out ASAP.

I have my brothers, friends and family members even trying to make a YOTI account and Verify. but when they put in their Phone number, they never get the code to verify their number and they cant proceed without this. Please team help us look into this as i know a lot of persons are having same issues.

Lastly, just when we manage to finish up with YOTI and importing our details to our electroneum account for verification. Electroneum asks for additional Verification documents to finish Level 2. I have uploaded a utility bill as requested and it’s been over 3 days and still not verified so i can proceed with Level 3. and i believe a lot of members have got same issues.

I really don’t want my account to get locked as i’ve got a quit high amount of Electroneum coins. i’ve got more in my Kucoin exchange and i am scared to send them to my ETN wallet because i wonder, What if my account never get Verified because of the too many registered members with Electroneum.

Please we need more assurance that the KYC would be settled for everyone in every country they’re in. I’m a Nigerian but live in Georgia for studies currently. Looking forward to pay my School fees Next year with My Electroneum coins LOL. I’ve got big dreams and plans for Electrneum because i love you guys so so so Much and i believe in this project, i know many other do.



Yoti had an update today with new verification features I would check if any will work for you. As far as receiving the sms message for verifying you would have to contact phone carrier to allow them messages to come threw.


Thanks for your feedback


Please can i just get an explanation on what’s happening with the KYC verification?? it’s been over 5 days now and no feedback. Why don’t the ETN team just let me know if my doc is accepted or not so i can provide an alternative Doc.


I logged in to my ETN account.After struggling for a while I found where to do my KYC Level1 which I did,but there is no info in the backoffice regarding procedure for Level 2 & 3.Will ETN team make life that much stress free by improving the backoffice?If they do it will be highly appreciared.Presently I have no clue where to go for Levels 2&3.
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What is your question? You can go log in to your electroneum account, go to settings and choose your profile. There you can scroll down to apply for level 2 and 3. I did level 2 last week, it took about 1 week of verifiy by the ETN team. Maybe because it crossed the bugfixing things in that time. Anyhow, I have had experiences with Bitfinex verification and a lot of other ones, and this Electroneum goes very fast. Just applied for level 3.


Hi i am from India,and am trying to upload my details in yoti, my passport already take for id verification and get approved but for address verification its not taking my national id card issued by govt.
how can i confirm my address verification.


Check your Yoti account if you can add your address Manually


No in my country this is not available and for uploading ,its showing only passport option.