Electroneum...is it the "One" that will replace Gold and Silver?

Interesting observation that may have been the reason for the ETN name?

“Electrum” is a naturally occuring alloy that mainly comprises of gold and silver, if you break Electroneum down you get Electr “one” um…Is it the “One”

When Currencies eventually fail and they all do, everyone runs back to Gold and Silver for safety… it may be a coincidence and if it is, its a pretty cool one.

I honestly don’t think it will replace gold or silver because those are natural resources and there is still a lot in the ground even tho it’s getting harder to get it probably :thinking: But I do think ETN has the potential to grow as big as that :wink:


Haha, Yes i understand that, it was more of a possible hidden cryptic meaning in the name. Crypto’s are classed as potential currencies, Gold and Silver are “Money”.
It’s possibly the digital version of Gold and Silver with all the characteristics of money. eg: divisibility, fungibility, portability etc…

Why not say it replaces Diamond and Gold

I rather ETN replace an every day used currency, because of liquidity, you can store Gold or Silver, but there’s a process to liquidate it. If ETN be that every day currency there’s money in out pocket all the time. :moneybag::money_with_wings::yen::yen::euro::pound::credit_card:

I’m pretty sure ETN is going to be just the every day currency. Bitcoin will probably become a store of value and act as a new standard used to compare value of anything else.

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