Electroneum IOS Intergration?

I am just inquiring when electroneum will release its IOS app on the app store as I only have apple products and want to participate in electroneum.


Good question, I would like to know too.

I think is likely to be this month, possibly the 10th. The iOS app has already been approved so they’re just waiting for the right time for it to go live. They’re going to introduce cloud mining for iOS users as Apple will not allow any form of mining on the app, even if it’s simulated. I have the beta version of the iOS app. You could try getting that but I’m not sure if they’ve taken down the form to apply for it.

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Definitely would be nice to have an update on this. 8 Months of no iOS is ridiculous.

Thanks to Apple by not allowing direct mining on their iOS… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: