Electroneum Integration into the Flare Network

With reference to the following considerations:

  1. The immediate use of any consumer income is attributable based on a propensity to save (for investment/passive income) and a propensity to consume (for goods/services); and
  2. A key driver of the Electroneum is to foster financial inclusion by bringing access to those who would otherwise not have access to the digital economy for want of available financial services.

As an idea, if ETN were to integrate with the Flare Network, would this not a) create greater available financial services to the ecosystem through access to DeFi, other than by means of fiat currency (the underlying premise for Electroneum is that its there to be used as an alternative means of porting value , rather than earned, sold to fiat and then use the fiat to port value), b) improve the attractiveness of earning in ETN as opposed to fiat, and lastly service as a means whereby ETN holders/users may ‘invest’ in passive income streams with their ETN.

I’d say it is an interesting through, however there may be practical barriers. Nevertheless, what is the community’s comments - perhaps what starts of as an idea may be morphed into something even better as we aggregate consenting or even dissenting viewpoints.

Thanks all.

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