Electroneum in September, Q4 and beyond


Hey Everyone, so we have a big month ahead of us and a big Q4 to look forward to. These next few months will be exciting times for our community and project. Below is a time line of anticipated events to happen from September through the end of the year. Feel free to comment on other events that you are excited about that we should see in the works before years end.

Rest of 2018 anticipated events:
• Instant Payment System Beta Launch in Live Environment.
• Liquid Exchange Launch / FIAT integration.
• HitBTC launch.
• NEXT Exchange launch – Paypal Integration
• KYC / AML implementation.
• IPhone App public launch from beta.
• Possible OKEx listing based on vote results.
• New partnership announcements and new developments with existing partnerships, after KYC/AML.
• Test marketing to sample markets in 3rd world countries with mobile carriers.
• Gig.guru site launch.
• Prepare for mass marketing in 2019.

What excites me the most from this list is the KYC / AML related items and the doorways it will open up with the large partnerships. The second most exciting thing on this list is the Instant Payment System. I’m excited to see what kind of projects the community will build on the platform. I have already heard people looking to create web market places to sell items Ebay style, integrate ETN into existing ecommerce sites, integrate ETN in existing POS merchant platforms as well as people creating new POS software systems from scratch, and so much more. There is a quote written by Bill Gates that I think about when I think of the potential the IPS system will have.

“If you give people tools, and they use their natural abilities and their curiosity, they will develop things in ways that will surprise you very much beyond what you might have expected.”
― Bill Gates

What excites you the most from this list and what the future holds for Electroneum?

KYC / AML Explained
New exchanges listing and apply for the listing

It’s exciting and it’s so true people will make Electroneum blossom into something amazing!


Nice summary of what we got to look forward too xterest.

Electroneum have been sticking to their roadmap, keeps developing and as you can see, got some amazing features down the road.

Keep hodling everybody.
We got some great times ahead


we hope everything will finish smoothly in this year…So we can really use it


Thanks @xterest for a great summary.

Personally, I’m very curious about Instant Payment System in practice, but also about other goals for the near future.


KYC and AML is a BIG deal. This is absolutely needed before any kind of integration with third parties. I feel like regulation in crypto is coming and being one of the first to comply with KYC/AML will put ETN in a REALLY strong position.

Exciting times.


Agreed. I also think we will see a shift along the same lines for exchanges as well. Security, regulation, reliability and accountability will start to become a priority for users…focusing demand on those exchanges which lead the pack with these approaches. Again, ETNs partnership with Liquid adding extra value.

Exciting year ahead.


Everything excites me that you have listed But especially…
Liquid Exchange Launch / FIAT integration…
New partnership announcements and new developments with existing partnerships, after KYC/AML…
Prepare for mass marketing in 2019…VERY Exciting times ahead…Nice post…!!!


The iPhone app is HUGE. I have friends all on the iPhone so this will open the doors to new registrations. Even if they are from majority western countries. The KYC is really something I’m looking forward to as we should be getting ahead of the curve. Bring on the this Quarter. Super exciting:D


I’m with you here bro! So much to look forward to and hopefully we get patent granted status soon too! :smiley:

I’ve been an ETN holder since literaly day 1 of ICO open. Holding a nice amount relatively! cant wait to see the progress over the next 12 months as we will be heading back into bullish times at The turn of the year I believe and things will really heat up once all regulation and patents are in place and big institutions get involved! ETN will be at the front of it all for sure!


We all gonna see amazing things with and in electroneum!!!


Thank you for this wonderful post! I’m actually super excited for the 2019 mass marketing. Wil be happy to see this community grows and becomes the monster is has the potential to be, and from there to mass adoption, the road should be clear!


Everything excites me about your list…in fact I just want to rush out and buy more ETN…well said


Wow… so much happening! :joy:
@xterest Thank you for update!


Can anyone explain to me what is KYC / AML implementation? Thx


@Noonelikesus in simple terms,…KYC and AML are type of Compliance that can help Electroneum to earn legitimacy

Know Your Customer / Anti-Money Laundering

Process by which a company can verify the identity of its customers, making sure that the money they wish to send was acquired legitimately and that the customer is not a part of a sanctioned list, a criminal, a terrorist, or a corrupt organisation.


Thanks a lot… yes I agree this is one of big things to be wait for


Great list!
I’m excited to see the instant payment working on IOS and gig.guru too. It’s amazing to see things taking place.


next exchange pissed me so off! they have since 2017 no working exchange if u deposit € u are not able to withdraw anymore so nobody is going there for shit . no € or $ withdraw possbile since 2017


@Noonelikesus - @cuddlesquid has very kindly done a explanation here: KYC / AML Explained