Electroneum in layman’s terms

I’m always on the lookout for a great explanation about Electroneum but really want to be able to tell people in the best way possible… not in a language that anyone new to the crypto market wouldn’t understand.
It needs to be in Layman’s terms… let’s see who can come up with the best initial explanation for a newbie…

For anyone new to the world of crypto currency, it can be a little if not a lot scary.
I think what we need to do is try and explain from the beginning what electroneum is all about, it’s uses and what the real point of it is.
I’m hoping that many friends within the electroneum community can add little gems of wisdom to help out.
This is not the only thread in the forum and please feel free to browse and interject at any point you think you could add anything or even if your unsure I’m absolutely certain that someone will be able to give you or guide you to the information required.
We are all one big happy family and here to help


Electroneum is designed to empower the unbanked around the world

The currency has been created for use on a mobile phone, this in turn is a good way to give the 8.2 billion people around the world that do not have access to a bank the chance to make money (in the form of ETN crypto), trade and even transfer funds to other people within the electroneum community with very little if any charges.


So what difference will it make really?

If you could imagine someone in a third world country scratching a living out of next to nothing, they may have a great little product that they hand craft for example!
Instead of selling it to someone who inturn sells it to someone else and so on up the chain until what started as a 2cent sale ends up costing the end user $10 because everyone has exploited the product to make money, the person who designed and produced the items could in theory sell further up the line and get a better price.
Another example could be someone working in another state/country urns money to send home, if he could transfer that money into electroneum he could in actual fact send that money to the family with no charges, giving the family more to invest in their local economy instead of having to pay transaction charges.

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