Electroneum Idea ! Adopt Sweatcoin app Features?


Hello fellow electronites ( doubt this will catch on lol) this is quite an rough idea and my english isnt very good I have been thinking that the electroneum app could add some extra features to incentive the continues use of the mobile mining( Cloud mining) for android users is in remote countries.

Does anyone know use the app Sweatcoin? its not a real crypto but it basically incentivises the individual to walk more and exercise for rewarding them coins.
Also on the app there is a marketplace which shows you once you earn a certain amount of coins you can redeem your coins for goods such as jewerally or food.

In relation to electroneum as more vendors are going to accept etn the users of the mobile mining will feel as if there working towards a certain amount of etn to try and buy something on the marketplace on the app in my opinon.

If anyone understood this text your opinon would be appriecated

Here are some images off the sweatcoin app