Electroneum Highlighted in Article on Mass Adoption

Great article by bexSTREET featuring Electroneum has made it to the big r/cryptocurrency (860,000 subs).

Already a handful of votes and comments. Check it out if you haven’t :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:.

It is a great article and if in doubt about ETN read it and understand it :slight_smile: Happy Days…


That article is an eye opener and absolutely brilliant! Particularly this part:

“A lack of a dedicated peer review mechanism to improve consumer confidence and inspire a collective approach to highlighting the very best the crypto industry has to offer.”

It’s a crucial piece missing in crypto. Currently nobody knows which coin is legit. Everyone is in the dark and running on blind faith. Basing decisions on a bit of research, fud/hype and hoping for the best.

Is this the service The Collective will be offering? It’s a good thing they can see the value of Electroneum. We’ll be number one on their list.


The Collective wants to launch a Global Initiative to help clean up the space. It’s very ambitious, but with the right people helping us we can acheive anything. Would definitely welcome Richard and Chris and anyone else that wanted to chip in.

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This article was written by The Collective

This Collective group looks like something to steer clear of. Who would want fake social media reviews and crap such as that?

How you going to talk about cleaning up the crypto space on one hand while also offering fake social media engineering via top influencer engagement fake pat on the back crap. Fake fake fake…no thanks.

I thought this was a very well written article and quite liked it. 14 days ago everyone else seemed to really like it too. I still think it’s a great article but that doesn’t make me right and people are welcome to dislike it. Thank you for contributing your concerns @4a4c25f84e700a8347dd @Dngruss about the publisher. You are free to like or dislike accordingly. Do you have anything in the article itself you object to? It’s ok if you do, this community is here for critical discussion too. Candidly I’d love to see more articles like this one and my great hope is ETN and it’s community will help be that driving force for good and positivity in this emerging space. There is so much tribalism and “if you’re not with us you’re against us” mentality out there in other projects. Another thing I love about ETN is it is not Bank the Unbanked nor is it Unbank the Banked; rather, it is Bringing Together the Banked and Unbanked. Onward and upward! :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:

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I agree, the article is well written …in fact I’d feel comfortable saying it’s one of the best articles to date written about ETN.

That’s not what I have a problem with.

I don’t like these companies like this Collective group mentioned or linked in the article that offer to promote something…a businesss, a project, a product or a crypto using their army of social media accounts that they manage for the sole purpose of placing fake postive reviews of whatever they are paid to promote.

I just don’t like it, fake influencer BS. It smells of desperation and greed to me and IMO is unethical.

ETN does not need fake reviews and media influencers promoting it because they are contracted to do so.

ETN is above that and in time will shine on it’s own accord. ETN will do what it’s going to do without Some group such as the collective pumping it up because they are under contract to do so.

I don’t know, that stuff just creeps me out.

ETN shines all on it’s own, no need for fake social media influencer crap.

I mean…I know that’s where we are at these days with the internet and social media. Companies buying fake postive reviews or followers, fake product reviews, paying social media personalities witha following who are considered influencers big bucks to pretend they use their products, ect ect.

Just don’t like it and feel ETN is above such silliness.

I love ETN on it’s own merits as a company, team , project and know it has the potential to change a lot of lives especially in areas of extreme poverty.

I don’t want fake disingenuine pretenders acting like they like ETN if their motivation isn’t pure and from the heart.

I have a lot of respect for both you and M systems, if you guys are involved with this collective group I apologise for my candor. I just don’t care for this paid for social media promotional campaign stuff.

It’s just weird to me is all heh.

I was an adult before the internet was a thing yet, so maybe I’m just a stubborn old fart.

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For the record, I believe that both you and M System’s love, enthusiam, passion, for ETN, whatever you want to call it…I feel it’s pure and genuine.

I think you guys are good at what you do and have contributed a lot to ETN and the community. I’m no azz kiss, that’s a genuine compliment.


I totally get where you’re coming from, no worries. Just wanted to make sure we weren’t getting our wires crossed over the article content vs an entity.

Just like you and most of us here, I truly feel grateful and honored to have the opportunity before us, to advocate for and be a supportive part of this momentous and visionary project. :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:


I appreciate your kindness and candor, and just to be clear: neither of us are affiliated with them.

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I’m old school @Jeff_Knight. Maybe this will help with some perspective.

Once upon a time before cable TV came along, TV was free. In exchange for this free programing, viewers accepted they had to watch ads to receive TV programming for free.

Did the viewer believe everything the advertisers were saying about their amazing, life changing products and services? Only the quite gullible I’d suspect. Did we think every celebrity loved the things they were paid to promote, heck no…we knew the deal…show me the money is all it was about.

Oh well, TV was free, tune the commercial out until the show come back on.

Then along comes cable. Hmm more unique programming, not free, no ads or hardly any ads, depending on the service.

Long story short…somewhere along the way it becomes acceptable to be forced to watch ads while also paying big monthly cable TV bills.

In the beginning it was nice symbiotic relationship between networks, advertisers and viewers.
Some how it got twisted and the consumer got the short end of the stick.

We should be getting paid to watch commercials, not paying to watch them. And we shouldn’t have to pay to be forced to watch grown men and women lie about the products and services they use just because they have some influence.

That’s how my brain works.


Well, I was trying to tread lightly, because I don’t know anything about this collective linked in the article, but did notice some of their services and some of their services don’t jibe with me.

And maybe it’s just because I’m kinda wired differently than some. I have no idea if how I feel about social media influencing in the manner they offer is just the way things are done these days or what. It just rubs me wrong is all.

Then we recently had this telegram collective group banning goofiness drama which most here had no idea what it even was or who the collective were.

The two don’t seem to be the same entity, just maybe a coincidence?

I don’t know, I’m not too worried about all that drama.

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