Electroneum Highlighted in Article on Mass Adoption


Great article by bexSTREET featuring Electroneum has made it to the big r/cryptocurrency (860,000 subs).

Already a handful of votes and comments. Check it out if you haven’t :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:.


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It is a great article and if in doubt about ETN read it and understand it :slight_smile: Happy Days…



That article is an eye opener and absolutely brilliant! Particularly this part:

“A lack of a dedicated peer review mechanism to improve consumer confidence and inspire a collective approach to highlighting the very best the crypto industry has to offer.”

It’s a crucial piece missing in crypto. Currently nobody knows which coin is legit. Everyone is in the dark and running on blind faith. Basing decisions on a bit of research, fud/hype and hoping for the best.

Is this the service The Collective will be offering? It’s a good thing they can see the value of Electroneum. We’ll be number one on their list.



The Collective wants to launch a Global Initiative to help clean up the space. It’s very ambitious, but with the right people helping us we can acheive anything. Would definitely welcome Richard and Chris and anyone else that wanted to chip in.

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