Electroneum for Trezor - possible?! (Monero just finished!)

Just now it was reported on Twitter that full Monero support will be added to Trezor U hardware wallet. I personally really like the Trezor and it feels safe to have my Crypto and Tokens on there. A Electroneum port (from that Monero code) should not be too hard to do - for someone talented in that programming.

I think having real official support on the Trezor could be of good value for the Electroneum brand.

Wow that would be awesome. We are hiring some new stuff so maybe they can help us :wink:


I use a Trezor myself and would find native integration on the Trezor to be very helpful. Paper wallets are great, but if I didn’t have to deal with the CLI that would be fantastic.


I would also be interested in this


Perhaps Electroneum could outline a bounty for someone taking the steps and prepare everything in a forked Github? Trezor (SathosiLabs) seems to be interested in listing as much as possible and they document their hardware, functions and software very well at https://wiki.trezor.io/Developer_portal

And probably 90% of the work is done here already: https://github.com/ph4r05/monero-trezor-doc

Trezor supported coins: https://trezor.io/coins/ (there is so much crap coins on there - so that can’t be a reason for not getting listed/supported).


Yeah, but Monero has a lot of background in the market, ETN is just at the beginning. Maybe in time, who knows.

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Back during the ICO or a little bit afterwards Richard fielded some questions in a video interview and one of them was regarding the ledger nano s if I’m remembering correctly and he discussed about the security of it versus paper wallets.

https://antonopoulos.com/ also discusses various forms of security for crypto in various youtube videos.

Another type of cold wallet is the coinkite coldcard coming soon

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