Electroneum for iOS

When is iOS going to get the Electroneum app? Been waiting for quite sometime. Just curious and a bit frustrated.

When can we expect the app fully operational?

Better not promis any date to the user.
The App is in a Beta test.
It wil come when its fnished and ready for release.
You cant Mine in IOS APP so no need to rush it either way.
Apple like theyr product wel designed and bullet proff.


When are we switching away from mobile experience to cloud experience, I have my whole family on those horrible Apple things and they cant accumulate any ETN until then?

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I think the app will come already updated with the vendor side in place.
I see no reason to launch now just to update it two weeks later.

I hope someone can tell a date or something like Q4 2018

Yes cloud mining would be great so us I phone users,but I think entire process of sending ETN is smoother on the I phone instead of desktop wallet

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