Electroneum (ETN), VeChain (VET), Docademic (MTC): What the Future says about these coins

I choose Electroneum.
I wish the others all the best.
Thankyou for the article.
Its always good to know what other projects are doing.
Not good to have only one Investment



Super article, we really are moving up the ladder. To think we are only 16 months old… Well, 16 months young is probably a better way of putting it. We really are going to start growing up soon, once the platform and product is fully built its all systems go. I do like Vechain also, I must say!


Very good article to read. I agree with Pahini in regards to other projects and lets all admit…it is nice to have options.
For what ETN are doing while some similarities it truly is one of a kind and the first in many aspects.


I believe VeChain gets a huge amount of bad reputation from what YouTuber ChicoCrypto reports. Very much manipulated coin from the inside with outrageous stories and orchestrated pumps dumps and re-buys at lower price. I believe recently there was some untrue BMW partnering being spread to hike the price.

Also Tron isn’t talked about in glowing terms either. Again ChicoCrypto covered several times how badly the code was written and how poorly the problems were
being addressed.

Recently it was proposed that the project wasn’t fit for purpose and wouldn’t be able to scale to handle the amount of transactions required for BitTorrent (I believe it was) as reported by YouTube CryptoZombie.

I’m not trying to FUD either project but they sound a little bit sketchy whether through shady team actions or lack of technical ability.


I believe for ETN is better to grow slowly but surely.


To be honest I’ve never heard of the other coins , so etn for the win . Will look the others up though , thanks for the share


Good read, as i have said, it will be many good cryptos/chains for different use, tough the coins themselves really isnt about the use cases for this companys.
Iota and vechain is good tech, and will be used for things. But im unsure if the coins ever get more than a big fanclub

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