Electroneum ETN Value at $1 Conversation

So, today ETN value is $0.004866… however, the whole ecosystem, all the ideas pushed by Richard Ells for 2020, the Studies conducted by Raz Peleg, having mining concentrated on NGOs, AnyTask, ETN Everywhere… I mean, this “Coin” seems to be more mature that many others and have an amazing ecosystem around it… so why a $0.005 value?

I have to confess: I really believe in ETN. I have spend US$500 and got 100,000 ETN… because I really believe in this project. And I want to have US$100,000 when it goes to $1 on top :wink:

And came here to open this conversation… I am too optimistic? What do you think?

No need to worry about price at this present moment.
Trust me it will come :wink:
We are in the early-mid building stage and we need to be patience a little longer.
We have an amazing team on board and the ship is being steered by the wonderful and amazing mr Richard ells.
What can possibly go wrong.:laughing::laughing::laughing:


I think ETN lost a lot of momentum in price because of the cryptopia hack and there are millions tied up still on that exchange while the liquidators sort it out. I also think the enthusiasm of the ETN community may have hurt us getting listed on binance haha no one believed there were so many people using this coin. Don’t worry about it anyway it will all sort out in time. There isn’t another project out there that can hold a candle to ETN right now. The price will go up and adoption is happening. Things always move slower than we think they might.

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