Electroneum (ETN) & Stellar (XLM) – Valuable gems for long-term investors



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Electroneum (ETN)

Electroneum (ETN) meets the two parameters above quite well. On adoption, Electroneum holds more potential than most cryptos out there. First, it is designed for instant crypto payments and easy integration with merchant website. This is a huge incentive for consumers to use it in quick money transfers without the costs and other issues that come with existing payment systems. Besides, its mobile miner is an incentive enough to push up its adoption. That’s because most people always marvel at the opportunity to make some extra money, and the fact that Electroneum offers an easy way to do so makes it an attractive investment to many people.

On regulations, Electroneum is one of the most compliant cryptos out there. It is fully compliant to KYC, and this means that it can easily partner with mobile service providers and other strategic organizations all across the world. All these issues place Electroneum (ETN) in a good position in terms of the potential for adoption. As it gains more users all across the world, Electroneum (ETN) will see significant gains in the long-run.

I love the word gains let’s have lots of it …