Electroneum ETN Sees Significant Price Surge - Electroneum ETN attracts the attention of investors


Electroneum ETN attracts the attention of investors



The More investors who are interested in ETN the better it will be going for ETN there is an awesome time coming and so far it’s only getting better and better @MSystem :sunglasses:


Nice one more like this. If we are more visible we can go mainstream and be the new dominant crypto on the market. No more shitcoin!


Very positive article, the world is waking up thats for sure :sunny:
More publicity please


sorry but that’s an incredibly lazy article by someone who really needed to dig further.

no mention of instant payments, the vendor app, the gig economy site or the deals in the pipeline bringing a massive amount of users.

thanks for posting it though :slight_smile:


Let’s not be too critical, any positive coverage is important!


Wish it stayed at $0.005 so I can use my school fees to secure some


I understand @Emmanuel but it been there for a very very long time it was just a matter of time before it would rise up again :thinking:


So u mean it won’t go that low???


I don’t see it dip down that way anymore but you never know with the markets one thing is sure we all know that a lot of people who regret buying when it was at that mark will buy then for sure what will bring the price up again if it will happen :yum:


Well hmm what should I do now only will buy it then , I’m planning to get like 500$ and buy but how things are now will be buying little by little, like 50$ and so on


There could still come a dip @Emmanuel but I agree can buy a little now and when it dips a lot buy more or even a higher amount then :wink:


Yes I don’t have money when it’s low,but I wish to have some then


You could also always keep some money on an exchange for if it dips that you always got some money to step in with :wink:


Ye yeeee yesss that awesome thought