Electroneum (ETN) Price Prediction: Good Chance of a Price Surge Over the Weekend

In terms of price we are leading towards a absolute zero

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More and more initial ico buyers have critisism about the way of communicating. This forum is also slowing down on posts. I think its important to communicate with ETN his following. Is there something wrong going on? Please communicate with us. Even if its bad. The community can always help solving problems together with the ETN lads and boys. In the beginning I had the feeling the communication was better. There are also alot of channels for the ETN followers. Seems like Richard left this forum a while ago. It hurts me to see all the negativity going on. Wish I could help. Do not take this wrong! I stay loyal to this coin. GRTZ Niels.


Bro This is how I feel too.

Some of us are still holding and buy more.
If I sold all my ETN, I would single-handedly destroy the market…

Selling the bottom is not a very wise thing to do

Q: How many million ETN can you buy at this bargain price?


I do hope that you have put it into a top 10 coin and are going to buy back in. Regret is something that never leaves you. Your money, your choice though.


I’ve just reduced my holdings 50%, not out completely but my exposure to the continuing price slide is dragging my gains elsewhere down.

I realise I was too exposed to one coin and have moved funds elsewhere, to coins which are seeing better price rises.

There is a place for ETN in there, but I can’t keep faith when the price is only going one way.

More cheap coins for the squirrels though, enjoy them.

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Sorry can’t sell at a loss. I rather they rot in my wallet then sell for a loss.


Selling my ETN is absolutely out of question, even if I have to burn my offline paper wallets myself because they reached 0$ in value.
I’ll HODL them.
It’s 0 or hero. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I’ve taken a 50% hit on the value, but I’m hopeful I can make that back elsewhere. Hopefully ETN will gain traction and my remaining coins will be worth what I paid for them again one day but its going to be a while yet I suspect.

Never mind, never bet more than you can afford to lose and all that.


I wouldn’t sell my ETN right now. I will wait till end of this year. ETN team is doing lot of things behind the scene.


I also feel as though will be rewarded for our patience, we all know this project are doing things that other crypto’s don’t want to do. KYC for instance was essential for Electroneum to move forward. Other cryptos just won’t do it as it isn’t EASY!

Some things we do not see right this moment in time. But once they are executed in the correct fashion I really believe the coin will surge beyond all of our expectations.
It is a case of holding and waiting, at the moment the market is full of noise and I do see other cryptos doing well but they don’t have what Electroneum have going for them :smiley:


Best way to destroy FUD is to see the price increasing… Ensure investors are making money instead of losing it… Instead of wasting time, money and resources on combating FUD, ETN should find solutions for stabilizing and increasing our price. Look at NRG… They looked at the troubles of the cryptoccurrency market FIRST and found ways to ensure their LONGEVITY… When I see ETN, I look at them as just being wasteful… I think there are many solutions to this which is why I wanted an open discussion.


Unfortunately, there are many weak hands and new investors in this community. When they see green on another project, they jump ship and exchange after the pump. Regardless if you are no longer interested in the project, a wise investor NEVER sells at the bottom or buys at the top…


Indeed, it is a fast and hard learning curve. It’s great to be able to draw on experience in here though. Much to be gained knowledge wise. The T.A. thread is quite interesting and baffling in equal measures!


Not a chance I’m selling either. The current price is but an illusion. Selling for a loss is just rediculous. ETN has so much value that beginner investors just cannot see.


I am not selling either. I will hodl mine. Hopefully, something biggggg will happen before end of this year for sure.


Electroneum (ETN) - одна из перспективных монет, не нужно её недооценивать, и уж тем более винить в этом разработчиков. Вы не Робин Гуд! Вы никому, не помогали, в первую очередь Вы хотели заработать! А как только Вы потеряли, а не заработали, то сразу нашли виновного.
Нужно сначала в себе разобраться, а уже потом винить других.

Первые ETN я получил в марте 2018, и сейчас поверьте, мне все равно сколько он стоит. Я просто жду, когда ETN взлетит до небес!


хорошая точка зрения! хорошо сделано.
Добро пожаловать, кстати. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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