Electroneum (ETN) Price Analysis : Is Electroneum Losing its Worth Significantly due to Delay in Release of Beta iOS?




… no…




I regret spending 3 minutes of my life reading that piece of garbage called “article”. Pure clickbait article with no relevant information.



NO. Electroneum is building its worth.
We have already been thru the tough year of 2018 . 2019 will be a year of building up , it would not be wise to dump your ETN now . Either you hold it or you spend it .
This is crypto , price goes down price goes up. Look on the positive side … when the price are down. Many items are actually having a good discount .
SO head over to www.electroneumbazaar.com get some deal / do some trade with fellows etn holders. Promote the use of ETN , when the demand > supply - we will see solid increment of ETN value.

PS: Electroneum Bazaar is currently looking for fellow community members to promote the use of Bazaar site in Africa . DO contact us by email if you have ideas on how to reach to the people in Africa.

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A terribly written article that has no foundation. Don’t bother reading…