Electroneum (ETN) Price Analysis: Electroneum Can Crumble This Year



These articles are so poorly written and researched, the title would imply Electroneum should be avoided and yet paragraphs of the article suggest it would be a great investment at current prices. Baffles me that people actually visit these sites or that they have any credibility at that.



It’s pretty obviously the same weirdo every time. The author never even bothers to put up a fake picture and uses the exact same format each time in their article.



I read this too.

They had one point that was good.

We have some developments coming.

Other than that . Bad very bad


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The price needs addressing. Whilst it is no measure of potential utility, it is in itself either a brilliant advertisement or a poison chalice. If electroneum keeps bleeding market share like this for much longer we are going to have a seriously hard time getting adopted. We need binance, partnerships and more marketing and we need them now. Until we drag the price up the troll will continue to crawl out from under the bridge



I agreed with you. You can trust the project, believe on it but a lot of investors are driven by constantly updates and news to keep the spark going.

Specially when FOMO arrives that’s when you need to unleash all your weapons.


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yes i dont know why dogecoin must be front of us and a lot of idiotic coins its really ridiculous

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