Electroneum (ETN) Now Available on HitBTC: ETN One of the Rare Currencies Still


The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread

Thanks for sharing this info in media help us too with better viral growth. Finally we are there some people will say…


Would love to know what these “massive updatds” are!


seems like every time we have a massive announcement we have a massive drop in price…im starting to wonder about all this. And don’t blame bit coin …electroneum is a hybrid business ?


Price is not influenced by news (at least not in the way you may think). News are for the masses. When news come out the markets already went through its cycles. So it may look like news are driving the price down sometimes. (Buy the rumor, sell the news). Bitcoin is indeed having an effect on the ETN price. But we dont need a giant bullrun for ETN to do big moves. Just a slight sideways and upwards movement that may make investors go back to BTC and crypto in general.
I personally believe that ETN will be one of the cryptos that will do insanely well in the next big cycle since the community is large and we have many more exchanges than ever.