Electroneum (ETN) News - Was Electroneum (ETN) rally ahead of its fundamentals?

I have always strongly stated that ETNs price will only grow upwards in a consistent, less volatile manner with user adoption instead of speculation. This article sums it up nicely in my humble opinion.

The commentary in the article is lazy. A significant portion of the users must be well off. Not all users contribute the same value. Thats why I like Richard’s user adoption strategy. Chicken before the egg stuff. User numbers are secondary to mobile and retail deals. Market likes big partnerships and corresponding enablers.


Not sure I understand what your saying. ETN price will be driven up consistently by increased user (mass) adoption. The more people who use ETN, the more demand to buy and therefore the increased price.

The sole objective of mobile partnerships is to drive up user adoption. Richard isn’t going to into a partnership just to increase the speculative pricing, even that is what may happen incidentally.

I believe that is what the article is summarising.

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Thats not how it works. Reread my previous post.

That is exactly how it works. Mass adoption is what will drive ETN value. Speculation will pump and dump it. Your post makes no sense to me.

To be 100% honest, none of it matters right now. The only thing that matters over the next week is the pressure of anticipation that has been built around MWC19. If they announce things people like, the price will go up. If they fail to deliver anything worthwhile, price will go down. Outside of the immediate future, everything else is pure speculation and opinion. Opinions are like a-holes. Everyone has one and they all stink.



:joy: Yea I think that’s my point - right now the price is purely dependent on speculation. If positive news come out of the conference, then price may move upwards. However, after the initial news that dies down, without any further news the price is likely to dump again back down to where it is today or lower.

If news isn’t exciting enough next week, then there will most likely be an almighty dump of epic proportions.

However, once we get to the mass adoption (actual ETN usage), news and announcements won’t matter - the price of ETN will be based on supply and actual usage based demand. That’s where I want ETN to get to, and fast.


Combine speculation and user adoption…boom. One of the few cryptos with 2 ways to influence the price.


Some people just don’t understand how their investment will work. But that’s not important if they are in the right investment. No matter how they got there.


I think I agree with everyone.
Especially your little fact sheet there @Cryptoman976.
Your last point being an extremely valid one.