Electroneum (ETN) mentioned in 3 more cryptocurrency sites, that is 8 in the last 48 hours

Check out the volume Ladies and Gents and read about the Electroneum, right next to BTC, XRP




Great weekend - at this rate we just might be featured in the morning headline news on MSNBC, Time, Money


Omg it keeps getting better and better @MSystem :open_mouth:


Yes Sir,

I totally see us mentioned on the news tomorrow, I will be watching and recording to show to the world. Enjoy your Sunday !



Thanks @MSystem you enjoy your Sunday also and keep the news coming! the more we get recognised everywhere the more people who want to get ETN soon :sunglasses:

if we can continue with growth we are in a good position, it doesn’t need to be significant growth, just slow and consistent! but its all go on the ETN front!

It’s about to be mentioned on another cryptocurrency news channel too when my post finishes being reviewed. :wink:

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Awesome @xkira1995 make sure to post it on the forum in a topic for everyone when it gets approved! :sunglasses:


I stumbled on this news this morning too, were electroneum was mentionedScreenshot_20180924-085928

Maybe a lot of people realize how incredible was last’s year growth and don’t want to lose the train once again. My assumption is that 99% of the people are only interested in the profit, and not the technology, by any means.
And that’s because we are all sick and tired of governments controlling our lives. Cryptocurrencies can give us freedom. We can care about the tech afterwards.

The more awesome news there comes the more interested other investors are going to be to get in on ETN what will only help ETN move upwards :blush:

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What I will do when ETN explodes: Open a shop for trading cards & tournaments (MTG, Pokemon, Dragonball, etc), set some aside and liquidate some I might need for taxes, and put an electroneum Accepted Here sign + the referral/instructions on my shop windows to help spread awareness. =P We lack places for TCG & video game tournaments, and I’d enjoy running such a place myself~

Edit: Heck, the rewards could be in ETN! To make sure it only gets spent at places that accept it. ;3 Adopt or get left out.

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