Electroneum (ETN) Looks to Infiltrate ‘Binance & Bittrex’ As ETN is live at Liquid!

we need binance to become speculative coin like bch?

The fact is, a binance listing will not hurt us. I know a few guys who buy and ONLY use binance.
It would help ETNS exposer.

BCH is sorta speculative but its highly used and way over 100,000 places accept it.

Point is. ETN needs as much exposer as possible, enough places that accept it and people to ACTUALLY use it for services/purchases.


I reckon you’re exaggerating about 100,000 places accepting BCH. That would be borderline mass adoption if that was the case. Not to mention, actually implementing decentrailized blockchain onto ePoS or PoS systems is very difficult.

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I personally spent over $10k of BCH at newegg etc on office equipment.
This hasn’t been updated in a while: https://acceptbitcoin.cash

Do your research…

this is not an argument on BCH. these are facts i am pointing out on how ETN will grow.

We sit on many millions of ETN. Sure we are holding for long term, but i will be excited the day i can actually buy something other then clothes,sunglasses and wallpapers for etn

Ps. Bitpay has BCH implemented so that is why many merchants accept it

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i am not sure that a lot of people use bch for good and services

How much $$ u spent is irrelevant. Im just saying it sounds like you pull 100k vendora out of your behind haha

edit: no time to argue with someone who can not do research and this went way off topic…
understand how large coinpayments & bitpay are and then look @ #'s
You simply are missing the point…

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Not looking to argue with anyone but this infographic says 11,291 retailers accept bitcoin end of 2017

i cant win lol. thats brick and mortar stores, thats like comparing ETN to maybe a handful of brick and mortar accept etn… bitpay and coinpayments '3rd party ’ have over way over 100,000 merchants. thus having them accept btc and most bch.

The WHOLE point to my response on this thread was… ETN needs as much exposer as possible, 3rd party integrations,binance or anything where it grows to where enough places that accept ETN and people to ACTUALLY use it for services/purchases.

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