Electroneum (ETN) – As the crypto bear retreats to hibernate, it’s time to keep



Bring on the bull run I for one am really ready and excited to see something green for a change! :slight_smile:


Bulls on parade :ox::ox::ox::water_buffalo:


maybe he should be running with a stash of ETN coins :slight_smile:


I would be really nice to see some green candles for a change , in all the markets .


Keep on HODLING!!!
The year of cryptos is coming.


Expect a general bear market the next 6-12 months, that is the market cycle we are in. But that dont mean that ETN cant grow. A bear market only means dificolt times not imposibole


So you think this downward trend will continue for another 6-12 months …

I better get some happy juice ( whiskey ) from the shops hahahhahaha


The last one took 3 years :slight_smile:


Omg tenor


With the growing attention the crypto market has garnered, past cycles can not be used to predict current and future cycles. As we progress into the future these cycles will get shorter and shorter until there are a significant amount of people and money in the market to stabilize it.


I subscribe to this thought process entirely!