Electroneum (ETN) and Ravencoin (RVN): Two giants in the making




As the biggest or at least one of them (ETN fans) I found it odd reading news stories about other coins. That said part of my adulting is being aware of what else is going on. Ravencoin looks like it has potential so along with many many ETN purchased coins, (I started in I.C.O.) I have also purchased some Ravencoin. We shall see where it will go. I have liquidated almost all of my other coins with the exception of Crypterium. I have many tokens in another ICO called Veracoin. Having eggs in a few baskets is always a good idea. Even though I am thoroughly convinced ETN is the winning basket. So now I wait, and simply watch to see what happens!!!


I hold TPAY only in hopes of getting more ETN soon.