Electroneum Ebay Shop?



Looking for some advice, now we have instant payment in beta and it’s already on some eCommerce platforms I have a question. I have an ebay shop and I would like to be able to accept ETN and im guessing currently the only way for me to do this is setup a eCommerce website and add ETN in via a plugin that has been created.

Im not sure if this question has been asked before but can anyone recommend an easy way to do this, I have looked at woocommerce and some other websites and I see there is some cost involved and its not exactly easy to setup but Im willing to learn. Can anyone recommend an easy platform that someone who has little ecommerce experience.



Mabe in a few months they will accept ETN as well, who knows.


very helpful post :clap:


Sorry. I know there was a discussion regarding Amazon accepting ETN, that is why I said this about eBay.