Electroneum doing trials with mobile firm in Southafrica

Hey guys there’s a few people that say they have received emails from the electroneum team asking if they could trial using etn to buy air time or mobile bundles. Anyone else received this email in South Africa?

Yes, I did receive it?

So it’s true wow. I wish we knew what company the have an MOU or contract with

My guess is Virgin mobile, or I hope Vodacom (the biggest company in South Africa)


Any of them would be fantastic. My eye is on MTN they have a firm grip I’m most African countries.


Yep, things are looking good for South Africa. From what I understand, it will start off with a small trail then be implemented on a bigger scale if successful. MTN does stand out because its very well established in Africa and especially in Nigeria. A starter deal with anyone of the mobile networks would be fine because many of the competitors will end up following once they realize the economic benefits.