Electroneum does mean tweets. (Challenge)





I know this doesn’t apply here but I thought it would be funny for the ETN team.


It seems like people are not into this right now. Maybe it is too soon for this low community count right now. Let’s try this next year maybe. There are no votes (less than 3) for anything.


I just dont want to go back so much in time to find all this nonsense :smiley: There will always be fudders. I’m a positive person and focus on the positive.


You guys are completely missing the humor value in this. Please watch some celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves so you guys can understand the context of this. I know there is a relatively small international audience here so some explanation is needed apparently because you guys are just not getting it.


This is hilarious @Aironeous I’m laughing hard at this video!


Yeah I just watched this and laughed my ass off! SO funny!


I m sorry I had to turn up at work so I could purchase more ETN…I need some humour right now thankyou!


Okay…now I get the picture after trying to pull myself up off the floor and clenching onto the hernia I now have developed simply due to you making me laugh so hard it hurts.
Point taken…if something of this calibre was to be put together by Electroneum…people would most definitely "notice " it!
Thanks heaps
You made my afternoon special. :heart:
You also deserve twenty squirrels for that effort!


lol, that fluffypony is Riccardo from monero :smile:


Yes I know that. 20 fluffy ponys
and here is another mean tweet but not about Electroneum