Electroneum does mean tweets. (Challenge)


In recognition of the first year of ETN business, the ETN team have decided to put together- ‘Richard Ells does mean Tweets’.

What does this mean?

Over the past year, amongst all the love and support the community have shared, there has also been some incredibly funny, witty and plainly bizarre FUD.

We here at Electroneum understand that we cannot be everyone’s cup of tea- therefore we are putting together a vote, for you all to recommend the meanest (or daftest) tweets shared on our Twitter wall from our past history. Which will then be read by CEO, Richard Ells on camera.

During Phase one, we will ask you to recommend your best mean-tweet suggestions and upvote your favourites via the forum.

(Please note NEW tweets will NOT be accepted- Tweets will only be chosen from the 1st of November 2017- 9th November 2018.)

We hope you enjoy our challenge and see the light-hearted nature.

Let us know your suggestions in the comments below.


Haha this is such a funny idea Im sure this will be a great laugh, Im probably like the only one but I hardly ever use twitter so don’t have any to share. Get sharing people


Hahhahah it would be fun… please release it soon…


I hardly use twitter Either.
Bring it on people that do…amuse me.
I love a good chuckle or three!
:heart: twenty squirrels


What a brilliant idea! That’ll be fun to watch. Do we post our suggestions here in this thread?


Hi there-you do indeed! We’ll select the most liked/upvoted.


Oh man…Awesome Stuff!!