Electroneum Debit Card

Yes I would also like to know any info on this and think it is a good idea. More and more crypto currencies are now offering debit cards or even mastercards. Electroneum should not have a problem with this as they are going for regulation and doing things by the book. For example this is what a small coin said about how they were able to get a card issuer.

“Many have asked us how we managed to attract a card issuer so easily, while other, much bigger cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin have failed to achieve this up to this point. The answer is simple. ******** is a company with a front door and accountable leadership”

So seems like Electroneum should not have a problem obtaining a card like alot of others have already. If any one you are wondering how this works, for the ones I have seen so far your crypto is simply converted at the market exchange rate into your local fiat and topped up onto the card so its like a prepaid card.