Electroneum / Crypto Info Database: Using Electroneum in the realm of ever changing technology and legal status

Electroneum has been making swift strides, and lately everything seems to be coming to a head. This is very exciting.

Because Electroneum will be the first cryptocurrency used by many people worldwide, this puts it in a unique position as an educator of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. TaskSchool is an example of how the team has embraced this idea of being a public educator.

One thing that’s missing is an education resource when it comes to the use of Electroneum in general.
So many people come into this space and make the same mistakes. I think most of us understand this feeling from whenever we entered the cryptocurrency market.

Loosing cryptocurrency when one forgets to add the payment ID when this is required by an exchange is one example.

Another is people loading up their wallet with Electroneum, and then loosing access to those assets because they cannot complete KYC, for one reason or another.

The main point
There are resources for people who want to learn about using Electroneum already created by dedicated community members.
Electroneum101 is a great example.

It’d be nice, however, to see an easily accessible, foolproof database of important “do’s” and “do not’s” implemented by the team itself.
The community forum is great, but answers are far to scattered.

I mean centralized and well layed out info on the following subjects, in multiple languages;

  • Using the mobile wallet
  • Using the CLI
  • Electroneum and Exchanges
  • Electroneum and Law (each country)
  • Other cryptocurrencies and Law (intl.)
  • KYC and Law (each country)
  • Roadmap
  • Heatmap
  • Peer to peer help service

These are just a few ideas but I’m sure there are many more things that could be added.

Again, this forum is a useful tool for finding information and communicating with the team, but it is not nearly user friendly enough to be used by the international unbanked.
Maybe what I’m thinking of could come in the form of a separate mobile App.

Anyways, share your thoughts.

Great idea, maybe a help section in the app. Really not sure if there is one to be honest never looked. It’s a good idea either way :+1:. There is a help section on the main page in the app of you hit the question mark but does not offer any guidance as you stated. Hopefully that can be added.


I would like to see this in some form for new users also. There are definitely some need to know basics when getting started like you highlighted. I would rather our new community members not learn the hard way. Thanks for putting this together I think you said it well.

@BegaMutex @ETNCEO @Chris_ETN anyway we could get this post to the team’s attention

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