Electroneum/Credits/Fusion AMA

Streamed Live on Friday 20 September 2019 13:00 GMT

Brief ETN overview

1 min 10 second:

Q Is blockchain technology capable of becoming a driver of change for people? What segments of society can it affect primarily and how?

4 minutes 10 seconds
11 minutes 05 seconds

Q What are your thoughts on the low level of institutionalisation of blockchain technology today? How would you like to popularize your technology among developers?

17 minutes 50 seconds
21 minutes 15 seconds
26 minutes 38 seconds
29 minutes 42 seconds

Q Do you consider using your coin as a means of payment?

31 minutes 00 seconds

Q What do you think of Blockchain as a subject of study at schools and universities? What papers and theory would you recommend for qualitative studies on end-user adoption of cryptocurrency?

41 minutes 00 seconds

Q What is the reason for the large discrepancy between mobile miners and registered users? Could you share some insight on the strategy on how to grow your project to make it mainstream?

44 minutes 40 seconds

Q [Do you consider an opportunity to create blockchain alliance? What do you think about such an approach to make technology popular?] Richard do you agree the world has become really interconnected and what is your perspective on creating a new organisation that would unite blockchain projects across continents is it really viable idea?

53 minutes 55 seconds

I saw this video about an hour ago and i have a few observations.

  1. Richard is a really good spokesperson. I like the way he answers and explains questions
  2. That older guy didnt answer his questions that well. Or i didnt understand what he wanted to say
  3. Fusion guy seems knowledgeable with blockchain stuff.
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