Electroneum Conversion or Exchange to Other Cryptos or For Cash

I am a Freelancer on AnyTask and I earn on the site. It has been pretty good so far but I have been limited in how I spend my earnings.

I have the Electroneum app but it doesn’t give options for Cash exchange or if possible to other cryptos.

Can someone please put me through on how I can convert my ETNs to withdrawable cash? What site can I use? What exchangers do I use? What’s the process?

I would really appreciate this.
Thank you.

Hi 11940. Welcome to AnyTask.

As you know there are thousands of shops accepting ETN (https://ETNEverywhere.com), as well as the ability to buy utilities or topups from within the app and even pay for holidays… so many options and growing all the time.

If you still need to convert to other currencies, then you need to use an exchange. You can register, send your ETN there and trade for other currencies, FIAT or Crypto.

You can see a list of Exchanges which trade ETN to other currencies here:

For help on how to trade, google is your friend on this. There are literally thousands of videos on how to use exchanges. You can also speak to the support desk at the exchange you wish to use to see if they can provide some platform specific links.


Hi, BegaMutex.
Thanks for taking out time to respond.

I have gone through the list but most are asking me to trade. I am not looking to trade, I don’t know how to do that either. I just want to exchange it to cash to probably withdraw it with PayPal or Payoneer OR convert it to another crypto that I have got wallets (BTC or Eth). This would enable me withdraw it.

Which of the exchanges would you personally recommend that would help me do this?

Forgive my naïvety, please.

Hi @user11940. By no means is this a recommendation, personally I would go to Tradeogre and exchange for something supported on Uphold wallet. Then I would withdraw to my bank account. As I said that is definitely not a recommendation from me just what I would do. Have a great day. :+1:t3:

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Hello i would join an exchange, liquid is my favourite, and dump for bitcoin.
Then I would go to coinbase and sell bitcoin for fiat of your choice.
I do this often and money in my account after 24 hours.

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