Electroneum compare with Alipay & Wechat Pay

Thought of throwing this perspective to the wider audience. Request someone who is good in math (unlike me :-)) to do some analysis in terms of the total amount being transacted thro’ ETN network and predict the future price of ETN.

For instance Wechat Pay has 800+ Million active users. Alipay has 450+ Million active users. Alipay pulls off transactions more than $2 Trillion a year and so does Wechat Pay. These are predominantly in China alone. Could some one do some analysis and suggest what could be the price of ETN when ETN pulls off $1 Trillion transaction per year (remember its $1Trillion transaction value and not Market Cap)


1 ETN would be worth $97

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How did you arrive at $97 ?

Pulled it out of my ass


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Unfortunately we don’t have the number to work it out . The number we need would be the maximum transaction amount and not annual. However if we assume (big assumption here) that the 2 trillions stay within the ecosystem then etn would need to be at 125 dollars per coin for it to work.

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That is quite an interesting statement…

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