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This would be a great place to be imo. Brazilian supermarket now accepts bitcoin and a few other cryptos. It would be great if the Brazilian community could ask if Electroneum could be accepted as well. Do you know of this supermarket @Nascimento ?


Not this supermarket review is far from the region I live in. I can only get there by plane. The more I get access to the people in charge of the network through the internet, social networks … It’s a good gap to enter with the propicon of the electroneum presents the token to them


Do any of you have pets? If so and you would like to buy anything for your pets using Electroneum go to this website http://cryptopet.com/ tell them what you want to buy and ask them to add Electroneum to the coins they accept through their Coinpayments plugin because we are on now on Coinpayments.

They just need to add Electroneum through the coinpayments plugin and paste their wallet address after they make a wallet on electroneum.com

You can ask them on twitter also here https://twitter.com/CryptoPet

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Any of you planning on HODLing BTC, Doge or LTC and want to have something similar to a paper wallet for those coins but in the size of a credit card or you want to send it as a gift to someone?

Then ask https://www.cryptocoinwalletcards.com/ to add Electroneum to coins they accept as we are on coinpayments now.


crypto-games.net also uses the Coinpayments plugin and accepts many alt coins.

If you want to gamble with your electroneum ask them to add it through their coinpayments plugin.

Also ask them to add more slot games geez, there is no variety there.

Picking out some other useful stores that use the coinpayments plugin:

If you make or repair electronics ask https://directvoltage.com/ to accept Electroneum

If you want to store your crypto in a cold wallet and have the cold wallet be a piece of art you can hang on the wall. Ask them to accept ETN. http://cryptoart.com/

When we moon and you want your lambo your going to need somewhere to accept your ETN so ask this place to accept ETN https://bitcoingalaxy.us/shop/

Another casino that uses coinpayments https://slotobit.com/

Leather apparel https://www.sakamaonline.com/

and there’s more but I’m done for now.


These are great thanks for the effort of getting these together :+1:


I just pitched accepting electroneum and using yoti for age and id verification to topbet.eu as I am a customer there.
You know, you guys are all consumers, you are the ones with the power. The global retail market is huge. You do not orbit the billionaires it is the other way around, they orbit us. Consumers create demand and grow companies. A billionaire can make 10,000 more times than you an hour but he/she does not buy 10,000 pants and shoes and socks and cars. It’s the consumers that create the demand and fuel the growth of the economy.

If you want to see electroneum accepted say so to the places you buy things and services from online. The more people that speak up saying it, the more the businesses will agree to it.


Check this out I think this would bring huge potential for Electroneum with their 40 fiat pairings. We need more fiat to Etn direct options.



This is awesome just connect the dots…


We could/should reach out to all of these fiat exchange options in this thread to explain why they should accept Electroneum. The easier to obtain the better :zap:



I love this very nice work :zap: I got a big ol grin looking at this haha :grinning:


As mentioned in another thread fortnite would be a great option for gaming payments. Let’s email their support and make them known to Electroneum and its benefits :zap:


This is the reply I got (with my name removed) after asking support@topbet.eu to accept electroneum for payment since they already use coinpayments and to use yoti for age and id verification.

Hi ******,

Good day!

We appreciate you suggesting some alternatives. I will definitely let the management know about it. About Electroneum, we just recently launched the newest payment method which is coinpayments but we are still looking to improve this feature on our site. We are hoping that in the next coming days we were able to accommodate other crypto currency to give you the best possible experience.

Thank you so much for bringing this all up to our attention. Rest assured that we will continue to improve our service to meet your satisfaction.

Have a great day!

For further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Topbet’s Support Team at 1-888-998-9045 or send an email to support@topbet.eu and we will be more than willing to address all your concerns. Want to bet on the go? Try our new mobile website: www.topbet.eu.

Jacob Cavanaugh
Customer Service Specialist

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Awesome work I’m sure we are more appealing to list because we use yoti and are on coinpayments ! Great find man do you use this site I’m checking them out now


Probably most of you guys don’t know this but litecoin partnered with the UFC so that’s over 2 million views per fight that are going to see the litecoin logo on TV/video.
What about us? What football game or fight do you want to bet on? Ask your favorite betting website or casino to start accepting Electroneum.
This is topbet’s twitter afaik:


“I would like to bet X amount of electroneum on X team or fighter on the next (insert sports event here).”

Don’t bother the vendor unless you really mean it/ are going to put some ETN down.


I messaged them as well :+1:I’m sure lots of money flows threw that site


Well I used this website to bet on the Conor McGregor versus Mayweather fight and after depositing they limited my bet so I had $125 left over after I lost that bet.
Luckily I used that $125 on their website to play the sugarpop 2 slot machine (they only have a couple slots) and turned that $125 into $530 after a couple days. I’m stopping and withdrawing $500 of that to pay down a credit card which will bring my credit score to above 750 along with the recent payments I just did.

If you want to play online slots - slots.lv or slotastic.com would be better for selection and variety but you have to keep in mind withdrawal rules. If the withdrwal KYC rules are impossible to follow then don’t play there (I’m currently debating this with the $590 I have on slotastic) .

Also online casinos use a different strategy to take your money than real life casinos, I’ll briefly elaborate.

Every online casino I’ve used so far lets you play with fake money. Use that fake money to “shop” the slots.
Develop your strategy there.
My strategy may be different than yours. I usually shop until I find a “play through” slot. By “play through” slot I mean a slot that I know will “win or lose” keep me about even over a long period of time. I use this to get through their play through rule.
I then shop for a winning slot - one that is highly volatile but highly rewarding. So what I do is play the winning slot first until I win big and then I play the “play through slot” to get past their play through rules that they add to their deposit bonus.


Awesome man I may have to try this out. My buddy is really big into this stuff I’ll show him also. Thanks for the link. I sent them a email hopefully we get them thinking


I agree with @B.F.A steam is a great option :+1: