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Anybody know approximately how much it would cost to paint a 2019 Toyota Corolla hatchback midnight blue with a full on Electroneum advertisement paint job? I’m wondering if that is even allowed on a lease also? I plan on getting one on lease maybe end of January or mid February when my unused vacation pay gets paid to me.


I emailed wikipedia.org to accept ETN donations.


All of these companies will be at mwc in February. Many great potential partners.


Just ordered an extra large “the works” pizza from Papa Johns. I went to their Facebook page and made this comment.

I just ordered an extra large “The Works” from your Simi Valley location. If you would accept Electroneum as payment or even just allow us to tip your delivery drivers with Electroneum you would show all the other Pizza companies that you are part of the future. They have a community built ecommerce plugin for all the major platforms except Shopify which is being worked on, 2.6 million wallets, instant payments notifications, fully KYC/AML compliant with an Android app and iOS app about to be released soon. You get a little bit of ETN everyday for just running the app. They even have software for your accountants to keep track of the in/out and there are many exchanges with a number of fiat pairings. electroneum.com


That’s good work @Aironeous
I see about ten different businesses per day that I spread the word to.
If I’m not telling the proprieters Im talking to the workers.
So far I’ve only managed a few investors…thats ok.
Ill just keep on trying.one day Ill get a positive.


Their reply on Facebook


@chris.gorman ^ Their reply to my suggestion to accept Electroneum as payment or tips.


Thanks for this info I post to my Twitter.


I am attempting to spread the word in the web comic industry. I need subs though, I actually need subs more than ETN at this point! If I can impress the editors at webtoon, I’ll get “featured”.
If I get featured…my comic will reach more people,
I explain I only take ETN donations. (Not Patreon)And I give a quick explanation of the app. I plan on releasing a full10 panel rundown about taking ETN to help explain it better.
This community is awesome and together, we can do ANYTHING! If you would like to help spread the word and you like comics, click this link and click Sub please!


You’d be much better off looking into having it wrapped instead of painted.



You can have any design you want on the vinyl wrap, cheaper than paint and can be taken off when the lease is up. The original paint will be protected too.


hmmmm Thanks
20 fluffy ponys


Anybody live in the UK? According to ccn almost all of the restaurants on this website accept Bitcoin.

Maybe you could ask one of them if they will accept ETN since they accept Bitcoin. Show them how easy it is to use the phone app.


If we get on shapeshift.io people will be able to purchase items off of Amazon with Electroneum. I’m not kidding. That’s big right? And you could earn Electroneum by becoming an earner which is a gig.



Ask if they can accept 1st British cryptocurency and join the boat and have marketing for over 2.6 milions people and we have instant payment system and looks much better than paying with credit card :slight_smile:


How can we get in on this?


We need be more active there… have there some promoter and maybe too in web advertisement or make some deal…
My last post about crypto conferences and our MWC19


Yes its a good idea and I think if we all get involved it’s far way going to help us


My last tweet about possibility to be big brand and marketing for our offer to vendors. Link is included in tweet. Help with sharing or join with your Twitter we need bigger community there :slight_smile: it’s up to you when we reach moon or at least 1$ target. We need more youtubers more people at medium. More at instagram, every social media… :slight_smile:


Uphold app which has a lot of fiat pairings has a page asking if you want them to add another currency.
Here it is, scroll to the bottom.

If you want them to add Electroneum why not ask them too?

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

I just posted a comment on the slots.lv facebook page

that I’ll come back if they accept Electroneum using coinpayments and let us use yoti for age identification and identity confirmation.
Please like, comment is under their top post there.