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Great thinking I will in a bit here!


Well said.
I just love the way you put it together as Electroneum being the first word out of the cage.
Best comment there by far.!


Do we want to get on here?
2.33 million merchants could give us a boost. I know we have our own plug-ins so we don’t technically need them but this would be a fast little boost to merchant adoption. Does it have to be either/or? Can it be both?



Looks like the fee would be a one time 10,000 EUR


This is interesting im not sure about all the fees though. I’m not sure if this would be worth it or not for them to do because they can do it themselves. I’m sure more plugins will come soon. I like this though @Aironeous !
Maybe someone knows more on if this would be cost affective?


Is this just random or does it mean something?


cant you by one shoe and tell us :slight_smile: if you could pay with ETN?


Oh that’s a good find! Dang I kinda want those too haha Viking colors! Was the purchase made on their website? I can’t tell if they have it as a payment method? Any more info on it?

Yeah try to buy a pair! :zap:


He dont need to buy a pair, only one, much cheeper


You’re right kinda spendy for the pair! That’s a lot of Etn !


The guy has the ripple logo as his avatar,
So maybe , maybe not…


I want more info about this haha


Nope there is no ETN payment option yet… :smiley:


Thanks so he was just faking it then.


I contacted a company that makes something round which I won’t name and asked them about using the Electroneum symbol and giving some of the profit to a charity and also about accepting ETN as payment. They responded very positively and referred me to their marketing department.


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Thanks more people like you. :slight_smile: thanks more people like you :slight_smile:




@Mr.CryptoCZ bring the army!! :PP