Electroneum Community Language Section

So we turn away everybody that cannot speak English. Remember guys if they cannot type English they probably cannot read it.

Anyway why don’t you make a Language Section so people can speak in their Native Language.
How can you reach Mass Adoption if people who cannot speak English not talk. The Majority of Target Countries do not speak English.

Other coins have this and it certainaly brings in more people.

Obviously you will have to find native speaking Mods. Turning away somebody that cannot speak English is just stupid for ETN.

Hello and thanks for your input. This is a high priority on our ‘To Do’ list and something that we know we need to address. We will be looking to expand our language options in the near future. The app is currently in 20 languages but we know we still have a way to go on this topic.


Have you thought of making the electroneum webpage be available in more languages? I can translate the whole webpage to Swedish!

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Hi Nick,

What are the 20 languages that electroneum is currently supporting?
Greg Ward