Electroneum community is full of heroes


And another hero send me 400
I’m indeed at a home I feel the love


What a fantastic community forum this is with some lovely generous people onboard.


It’s amazing cute faces people, just following Richard Ells…
This is indeed a community


Awesome @eFiJy for sending him some ETN :sunglasses::+1:


I’m stick at just over 200ETN with no way of getting more for some time, if anyone wanted to donate some to me aswell before the price gets too high I’d be forever grateful etnk5vGh6E6eVtcsdP242GMQa2Yc2kpkPA4nNdT7sR1r4PWdJeZ41VPDgQ68obtAYv4qK8jbhDCUYfPL9m28uuaY2oqwafpqzn


oh awesome, so generous