Electroneum Community AMA 11-2019 - With Richard Ells

Awesome. Thanks for posting!


Great job, long awaited :slight_smile:


One thing that jumps out at me about using my credit card to buy tasks is if my financial institution declines the over seas transaction I have ran into this a lot. Will there be other options such as PayPal or ACH deposits?

Wonderful Q&A! Thank you!

That is a very good question, currently in Australia they (the government) are trying to push negative interest rates to zero, which includes a cash ban for transactions over 10K, this is being revised through a loophole in legislation to a 2k limit so eventually no cash is available at all to transact with privacy.
This is a last ditch effort by the banks to force people under there control and take away freedom, privacy and liberty. This behavior is being incentivized by the international monetary fund and the federal reserve in America is promoting it through the repo market as a stealth strategy for quantitative easing. So what Iā€™m getting to is the fact that ETN has to have a variety of channels in which it is able to work around these restrictions and barriers, because the world central banks are corrupt and will not stop unless the people shut them down.

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