Electroneum cloud mining


Anyone here have an idea when ETN cloud mining going to be roll out?


from what Ells has said, should be a few months. looking forward to it!


Alright I’m linking forward


As far as i know @Emmanuel they should finish the IOS app around the end of this month if i am right and that one will have cloud mining starting then he said that in an interview that they are really close on finishing it off :wink: And if it works nice on IOS they will push it trough to Android also :blush:


Is cloud mining an actual thing that people do now?.. There are so many on google and YouTube which say its a scam


No no its not a scam


Well that’s going to be awesome


How do you know which are the legitimate sites, and can you tell me one or two. I’ll look them up


If it’s legit I will tell you and be checking here too


Well cloud mining for ETN will be that you get airdropped some coins once in a while and all those coins for the miner are already pre-mined so they will just airdrop them out to everyone with the mobile app later when they switch to that also it won’t really effect your phone in anyway then nor could it harm it then :wink:


Cloud mining has said to be released first in the IOS app then likely added into the Android app too, yes be careful when looking online with stuff about mining there are sometimes scams going around always just double check or ask someone if your not sure.


That I will, now that I know where and who to ask. Thanks :sunny:


Watch the most recent video on KYC by Richard starting at the 5:25 time stamp. Your answer is right there.