Electroneum CLI Wallet - Master Class


New ETN User - Seasoned Pro. This Class will teach you everything you need to know from start to finish. Download, syncing of the Daemon / CLI wallet, sending / receiving ETN, common used commands, best practices and keeping your wallet data safe and secure. This is the most comprehensive ETN CLI Wallet instructional video currently on the internet.

Complete CLI Guide
Electroneum CLI wallet guide with Remote Node method

Job well done!! This was mighty generous of you and is truly exemplary work, @NorthEastTexasTech! Bravo Zulu :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:

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Nice! Grandma proof!
I really like your voice, cinema voice :grin:


Well Done Indeed @NorthEastTexasTech, your video along with the written manuals on this forum are truly exemplary and reflect a great credit upon yourselves and this fine Electroneum Community.

I am linking the written portion of the walk through, there is no excuse for anyone not to take advantage of this material and learn cli-wallet and the command functions, even on a basic level.

Well Done Gentlemen and Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to make these for the community.

Bravo Zulu

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This guide was put together by Youtuber/BitTuber @NorthEastTexasTech. He does excellent walk through videos. If you need to know anything about the CLI, please give this video a watch so he can show it to you in practice!


Hi there! Wow lots of effort, this should help a lot of new folks out!

If you don’t mind, we can attach video somewhere into our text cli guide that @BegaMutex mentioned and give you credits in the Thanks section :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you. This is pure gold. Will go a long why


fantastic what a great thing for the community to have!!! 100 squirrel thumbs up!


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Yes, this is of great use when i get newbies into crypto and Etn, ten stars. :star::star::star:


Thank you very much! And yes absolutely, please do. That would be fantastic, and I am glad the video can be of value to the community.


Thankyou for this , i haven’t tried the cli yet , will give it a go . Sometimes a video is better than words lol…

Good job my friend @NorthEastTexasTech


It looks more scary than it is, have been using the cli for a while now. Not that difficult.


I will give it a go , later on thanks


Awesome sauce! I will check it out thank you.


Thank you all for the feedback!


Here is a link to the watch list on YouYube. A complete breakdown of the different steps/sections in short bite sized chunks of Electroneum goodness! :grinning:


If you can fry an egg, you should be able to use the CLI.