Electroneum CLI wallet guide with Remote Node method

You’ve got the wrong port for the remote node. You’re using :80818 whereas the open port is :8081

If you remove that extra 8 on the end, all should be good.

If not, give me a shout

it worked!!

Thanks so much

No problem. The software does stop every now and again and I don’t notice. If that happens, drop me a message and I’ll get it back up and running ASAP

Hi. I am in the process of creating a new wallet from the 25 word seed (from my old cli wallet, created 3 years ago). The new wallet appears to have been created and the correct address is shown. I used this command to go into the wallet: electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --daemon-address=

After running that command I get the untrusted privacy notice and now it says “Starting refresh…”. What is this refresh? I thought using the daemon avoiding having to download the blockchain, so I’m not sure what this refresh is doing? Please let me know.

@BegaMutex can you explain. :point_up:

Can’t see where he explains it but the refresh process appears to have “found” my ETN and is showing the txid for each transaction. Does it need to continue after that?

Cheers @BegaMutex … appreciate the help.

I am trying to open my wallet from the cli using a remote node. When it prompts me to enter my secret spend key, it does not accept any keyboard input! I cannot even paste anything in the command prompt. Whatever I press on the keyboard, doesn’t go to the command line!
I tried more than one remote node address including
Any idea why this is happening?
Thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot. Started refreshing. Didn’t imagine it will be totally hidden :smile:

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where to find the private TX key

Hi, does anyone used recently the remote node method with success? I’m getting this when trying:

I also tried with port 8081, get the same error.
Thank you

Hi, give it a couple of minutes - I’m just updating the software on it and then it’ll be back up and running

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Great, thanks a lot!


No worries, any problems in the future just give me a shout


Aren’t there active ports now? I tried both 80818 and 8081. Neither works. Help appreciated!!


The correct IP address is

I had a problem with my Azure account a few weeks ago which resulted in a need to change the IP.

It’s up and running.

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Just a quick update. My remote node is now running v4 of the daemon and I’ve tested it with the old v3.3 cli and the new v4 and it works with both

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