[ Electroneum Card ] Someday?



sign me up :smile:
Great graphics mate well done.


I guess we won’t need this anymore, we have to get rid of the curent banking system and thinking.
You have all you need in your phone.
The only cards that should exist are a prepaid sim-like cards with different amounts, that will allow you to buy ETN on the spot from any store.
Scan the code on the card and boom, the ETN is transferred to your account.


Cool. Seen future one of Cardano product. Electroneum will be better experience.



A card is a good alternative

reason - phone runs on battery. imagine a situation where we run out of power. A card can be of great help as a secondary payment tool.

jst a thought…


Hmmm…I imagine we running out of battery will not be an issue. It is not an issue at the moment either, only if the one using the phone is a moron. :slight_smile:
It is quite clear that we are going to be digital exclusive, in 10 years at most.


It would be another way to gain the trust of the older generation. I’m all for it. :+1:



Not necessarily brother
Battery can die while traveling, bzy day, etc

With regard to digital world - yes it’s true, however there is no harm to have digital currency linked to plastic card.

It’s always advisable to provide convenience to those who need it by giving options within the advanced framework

It’s my opinion, however I respect yours too brother :slight_smile:


At the beginning, yes, we would probably need these cards to better support the transition.


I was chatting with support on Wirex. That would be a great easy option to boost things along