Electroneum Blockchain under maintenance


I see etn Blockchain under maintenance. The page says Our blockchain explorer is currently being updated.
We will be back shortly. Thanks for your patience.

Anyone knows whats been updating ?
If its related empty blocks then is superb move…


This might interest you @eFiJy
Thanks for posting


They are rebuilding blocks.


Let’s see what’s what then.


Again, no announcement about this maintenance… In fact, no announcements about anything :relieved:
I know, I have to be patient :roll_eyes:


Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: maybe this time they will sort all issues out, o how wonderful would that be :star_struck:


I think it’s not about being patient but getting use to it :grin:


Blockchain Explorer is back up


Yeahh ! But still empty blocks are there… anyone know what did they update ?


That is good question that I would like to know answer on.


It is the explorer and not the blockchain that was under maintenance. Blockchain update will require all nodes to perform the same update.