Electroneum Bazaar Store Grand opening today


Good day everyone,
As the Electroneum community may have already known that www.electroneumbazaar.com is a site where users can list their items for sale or look for items being sold by other users using electroneum. It is a FREE to use peer to peer marketplace.

Today, mark a new progress for our site. in addition to our Bazaar section , Our Store section is now Open. Users can now also purchase items from our Store using electroneum instant payment system.
Our Store items are all carefully selected so that we have minimal conflict with what other online Shops that support electroneum instant payment system are selling. More items will be listed such as prepaid travel sim card for Singapore , vietnam , Malaysia …etc will be added as we progress.

For users that would like to purchase electroneum using bank transfer of $. We are also selling electroneum in our store - payment by direct bank transfer to our Singapore bank account. Currently only Currency in Singapore dollar (SGD) is supported.

Our motto is always to work with the community helping each other as one to make Electroneum Great !

Please do come visit our site , spread the news and give us your support.
We also hope that the official Electroneum team can appreciate what we are doing and give us a “shout out” on their social media platform .

Best regards
Electroneum Bazaar.


Huge congrats! :slight_smile: Happy shopping everyone!


That’s fantastic to be using the API as well and what an interesting list of things people are selling on there


I have sent an enquiry to you online but for exposure i will also post here. There is a Trezor hardware wallet for sale on there that is second hand. Meaning the seed phrase has been seen and the seller will be able to access all coins stored on it even though he doesnt have the wallet anymore. Do NOT buy that wallet!!!


That’s fantastic , I’ll be taking a look . I have some stuff I need to get rid of… so this is perfect…


thanks for alerting us and spreading awareness .
Our team will look into it .
However normally we do not control what is being listed unless it falls under our prohibited items list.


Yeah, i get that. Ebay is no different, thats why i wanted to make it public so that an unsuspecting buyer doesnt fall victim of loosing everything they store on it. These things are for sale on ebay and amazon 2nd hand and the unaware buyer tends to end up with their coins being stolen.

It is not the responsibility of the host site to police security of what is for sale, it is up to people to know what they are buying. Don’t necessary agree with the policy, but it is what it is.


Very nice indeed. The new Amazon maybe :sunglasses:


Great job Bazaar team!


Great Progress for Electroneum with the latest IOS app released. More people will soon learn about ETN and more people will be using ETN , driving the Electroneum economy.
Meanwhile people mainly from Asia countries will be celebrating their 2019 Lunar new Year.

Electroneum Bazaar would like wish everyone a very prosperous and happy Lunar new Year.

(Do also come check out our site for latest user listings and our Bazaar store for our latest merchandise)


Really hope things are going well for you.
Too busy buying crypto at the moment but…
Got a Twitter handle?
Ill tag you on there if you want.?


Awesome news - visit the Electroneum Bazaar shop everyone if you need something special :slight_smile:

:hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts: Electroneum Bazzar and ETN!


May all who sail in hms etn bazaar have a safe passage and a prosperous journey…

Bon voyage